Are You Manifesting Everything You Don’t Want?

Dale here and I have a question for you to think about today, what are you manifesting?

Let’s start this out by clearing one thing up. You ARE manifesting every moment of every day of your life. It is the way the universe works and there are no if’s, ands or buts about it.

We all create the life that we live in our minds first and then in our reality.

Since that is the case and has been proven over and over again, there is no need to argue this point.

So what are we manifesting?

Unfortunately, most of us are manifesting all the things that we do not want in our lives. We manifest pain, sorrow and disappointment. We Have the proof all around us that the law of attraction (actually it’s the law of creation) is real and the proof is everywhere.

I’ll use my own experience as an example…

There was a time when I was very unhappy with my life. I was miserable and I later found out that one of my best friends had told another mutual friend that I was the unhappiest person he had ever known.

At the time I heard this, I was shocked and couldn’t believe this was how people were seeing me.

Of course today, when I look back at that time in my life, it’s no wonder my friends saw me this way. In fact, it’s a real wonder I even had any friends.

I was manifesting at full force!

That’s right! I was actually busy every day creating my own misery. All I could focus on was all the bad feelings I held. I hated my job, my family and my life at that time.

I was a miserable and negative lump of human flesh. Everything that passed through my mind was some imagined negative outcome for some possible future event that may or may not happen.

I was living in a constant state of fear and worthlessness.

Maybe you know first hand what I’m talking about. Maybe you are or have been in the same kind of place I was. If not, good for you but I bet you know someone who is living in that kind of miserable negativity.

You see I was so focused on my pain and what I perceived as the source of my pain, that I was consistently manifesting more to be in pain about.

Money was tight, I was over $50,000 in debt from a failed business and mismanaging my funds. I was living with a partner who had made it her priority to keep up with the Joneses. The IRS came after me for over $15,000 in back taxes and I was walking a thin line.

Okay, that’s enough of the sad story.

I wanted to share my story with you so that you can see two things. The first is that we are all susceptible to the negativity of the world around us. We are all sucked into the lies of society that say we have to live and think a certain way.

I learned that following the thinking of the masses was destroying me. I would focus on how I could correct the problem and only manifest more of that problem I was trying to solve.

I would work to budget my money in an attempt to pay off debt but in focusing on the debt, I just created more of it.

I would attempt to start my own business so I could generate additional income. Then I would get frustrated and create more debt in the process and then give up.

Then things changed!

Finally, things happened in a certain way that allowed me to look at my situation and my own thought processes. I suddenly realized that the answers to all my problems were inside me all the time.

I had spent years looking for solutions outside of myself. All the time, the real solutions were inside me, waiting on me to ask for them to be revealed.

When I finally came to the realization that I had created everything in my life, both good and not so good, I realized I could turn it around. I finally woke up to the fact that I had the power.

I know you may be reading this and thinking…he is talking a lot about himself.

I’m telling you all this so you can take a look at your own thinking and ask yourself if you’ve been looking in the wrong places for what you desire from life?

You see, all those years I was always focused on negative and that is exactly what I got, more negative.

The more I focused on my lack of money, the deeper I dug the hole I was in. The more I focused on my own pain, the more pain I experienced.

I was a champion at manifesting.

The big changed happened when I started focusing on what I wanted rather than what I didn’t want.

When I decided that my focus would be on creating happiness for my life, guess what I started manifesting? You guessed it, I manifested more to be happy about.

When I started directing my focus on my vision of how I want my life to be, I started creating opportunities and people that allowed me to move in that direction.

That was the time that I found some of the tools I still use today that helped me turn my life around. You see I know that I manifested those tools. I asked the universe to show me what I needed to make the changes I needed to make.

The universe moved and brought me the tools I needed to make those changes and my life is completely different today.

I tell you all this to hopefully inspire you to look at what you focus on every day.

Look at the questions you ask yourself and the universe. How are those questions phrased? You see the universe can be very literal so you want to really look at how ask for what you want.

For example…

If you are deep in debt and you ask the universe to help you get out of debt, the focus is still on the debt so guess what you’ll get, more debt.

Instead maybe you could focus on asking for so much abundance that debt never enters the picture again.

It is these little nuances that cause too many people to think that they are not able to make the law of attraction work in their lives.

The law of attraction is always working whether you believe it or not.

Your job is to simply get an understanding of the law so that you can operate within it’s guidelines.   Just like having a basic understanding of the laws of the society we live in, allows us to live and work with the rest of that society.

Understanding that the law of attraction will bring you more of what you are predominantly focused on is key. If you are focused on your lack in an area of your life, the universe goes to work to bring you more of that lack.

If you are focused on your bills that are piling up, the universe will bring you more bills.

If however you are focused on your blessings, the universe will bring you more blessings.

If instead of focusing on your bills, you are focused on your gratitude for having the ability to pay those bills, guess what the universe will send you.

You guessed it, the universe will send you more to be grateful for and in this case, more money to pay your bills.

Understanding this one simple piece about the law of attraction allowed me to turn my life around.

I pray that you understand this rule of using the law of attraction and internalize it so that it becomes a natural way of thinking and doing for you. When that happens, you will be grateful for the bounties life has given you.

You will also be able to look back at your dark days and smile knowingly as you think about all the pain and hurt you created for yourself. It’s not your fault as we weren’t taught any of this stuff in school.

So don’t waist your time or energy with regret or blame. Be grateful that you finally got it and had the strength to hang in there till you did get it. Be grateful for every breath you take and every blessing you’ve received.

Then watch as your life and the lives of the people around you begins to change right before your eyes.

To your success and happiness,


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