The Biggest Clue to Indentify Your Blocks to Abundance, Happiness and Wealth

Today I’m back to give you the easiest way to identify the blocks you have that are keeping you from the life you desire.

We all have blocks that stop or slow us down in achieving what we want in life. The hard part is to figure out what those abundance blocks are. Once we identify the blocks, it’s simple to find a strategy to dissolve those blocks.

This applies to anyone who is not living the life of their dreams and yes, that includes even me.

My disclaimer:

I’m not immune to any of this and when I write these emails to you, I have to admit that I probably get more from sharing these ideas than you do from reading them.

Now that we have that on the table, it is time to look at the two easiest ways to identify your limiting beliefs and blocks that stand in the way of you achieving the life you desire.

Are you ready for this?

The biggest abundance block clue is the word “but”!

Example: I really want that promotion at work “but”… and then your ego goes to work and begins to list all the reasons you don’t deserve the promotion.

I really desire a passion-based business where I can work doing something I love and create financial freedom for myself! But…I don’t even know what I want or how I would get started.

Or how about this one…I sure would love to have that new car…but, I don’t have the money for the down payment or I’m already upside down on the old car or I can’t afford the insurance premium let alone the payment.

Can you see how this works? Can you see how that word “but” is one of the most limiting words in our language?

Can you see how that word, but, is the beginning of all negative and limiting thoughts that are coming from your ego? Can you see how once the word but seeps into your thoughts, you are starting down a slippery path of limiting thoughts that are moving you in the opposite direction of where you want to go?

Understand that when you start out with a statement of something you desire, this is the beginning of the creation process. You had a thought, a desire, and if you hold that desire in mind for just a minute, you have already started to universe going to work to bring you that thing.

Then, after having this wonderful thought and holding on to it, you instantly put the breaks on it by allowing your ego to come in and start working out all the reasons that it cannot happen.

You here the word “but” and what follows is an avalanche of thoughts and ideas that throw the emergency brake on causing the universe to grind to a dead stop! You have just sabotaged yourself and prevented the universe from giving you what you want.

Then we sit and wallow in the idea that this law of attraction stuff doesn’t work. It may work for someone else but it doesn’t work for me. I can’t do it and I’m stuck in the life I currently have. I will never improve or have what I know I’m capable of.

Do you see how the simple three letter word “but” can stop you from getting what you want out of life?

Do you see how that one word is the clue you need to detect your own limiting beliefs and thoughts?

The moment you catch yourself thinking or saying the word “but”, stop and look at what your ego is doing to your ability to create what you want for your life.

You now have the key to the kingdom.

You know what to look for that is stopping you. Will you ignore this clue to your own self-sabotage? Or will you instead take action and make it a part of your life to be aware of this old program of yours.

It all starts with you being aware of this self-sabotage mechanism that is one of the main tools your ego uses to keep you where you are. Now that you are aware, you can stop the ego dead in it’s tracks.

The interesting thing about the ego is, it prays on your lack of awareness. When you are aware of it’s tricks and can call it out, it will sink back and hide. Your ego doesn’t want a confrontation.

So all you have to do is catch the ego but being aware of the “buts” that come up. Then you can look at the thoughts that are associated with those buts and see for your self how they are destroying your chance at happiness and success.

Make it your goal, your life mission to be on guard for the little voice in your head using this trickery to keep you stuck.

When you recognize the ego using the “but”, you can now simply look at that thought and see how ridiculous and unhealthy that thought is. That will be enough to send the ego running back into its hole.

When you see what the ego is trying to do by recognizing this pattern of destruction, the ego will go away.

It will return and try again but every time you catch it, it looses more of the power it’s had over you. Eventually the ego will stop using this trick. It will be back with another.

Or it will wait till you are not present and sneak back in and try it all again. Just know that you now have control because you are aware.

To your success and happiness,


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