Your Body Will Never Lie to You!

Did you know that you are able to instantly change your state of being, simply by changing your body posture or physiology?

Think about how your body reacts to certain emotions that you might be feeling.

Notice your body when you feel good and happy.

You will be standing or sitting straight, your head will be held high, you will likely have a smile and your breathing will be deep and even. Your shoulders are back and your stomach is held in. Your stance will be strong and confident.

You can test this by simply thinking about something that made you very happy in your past. Go there in your mind and re live that event.

Then look at your body, notice your stance, your breathing and how you hold your head.

Now think of something that makes you sad or scared.

Again look at your body and breathing. You will notice that your posture has completely changed. You are likely gazing downward. Your shoulders are probably slumped over and your breathing is shallow and ragged.

You should be able to easily see the difference.

I challenge you take time today and really look at your body posture and breathing when you are feeling different emotions.

Notice how these emotions affect your stance and breathing. Notice everything about what your body is telling you.

Then the next time you are feeling down and overwhelmed or fearful, you will know how to change your body posture to instantly change your mental state.

It is impossible for you to carry yourself in a positive and confident way and remain in a low energy state.

You can control and instantly change your energy by changing your body posture and breathing.

So really look at how your body feels and acts when you are in a state of high vibration positive energy. Make note of everything about your body in this state.

Then use this information to instantly change your state when you find yourself feeling down or in a low vibrational energy pattern.

This is the fastest and easiest way to interrupt a pattern that is not serving you. And since everything is energy and moving, if it’s not serving you, it’s hurting you.

So the next time you find your self feeling down or depressed or fearful or any negative state, make a drastic change in your physiology and watch how your mental state changes. Jump up and down, scream at the sky, run in place or anything that will get you up and moving.

It is not possible to change your body posture or physiology that dramatically without it changing your mental state. Give it try, after all, all you have to lose is feeling crappy.

To your success and happiness,

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